Tactics for a good bonus hunt

What should I start with? What wager per spin should I use? How many spins per slot?

It’s always a tough question about the starting bank, wager and number of spins when hunting for bonuses. When is the number of spins enough and should you move to next casino slot?

Very often, it’s a mind game where you are both the player and the loser. 😵‍💫 

When you do more and more bonus hunts, you will get a feeling about the wager and spins per slot. But if you are new, please continue reading.


Starting bank and wager

You’re doing bonus hunt to have fun. Then, I truly think you should put at least 2000x the lower wager of the average slot. Most slots lowest wager at casinos are €0.20 or $0.20 or 2 kr or whatever currency you’re using.

Then, your bank should be around €400 or $400 or 4000kr. 

Your wager per spin should be around 1/800 to 1/1000 of your bank. Meaning the wager should be around €0.4 or $0.4 or 4kr and up.


Number of spins

So you keep spinning and don’t get a bonus? And you wonder how many spins you should play before you move on?

When I play, I usually do 30-50 spins per slot. Sometimes, I put in some extra manual spins if I feel lucky. But if I don’t, I move to the next slot and may come back later for another try.

I think this is a balanced way so you get to play many different slots and also get a feeling of whether the slot is cold or hot.

Recent hunt results

I’ve made some bonus hunts and it have always given me somthing back. Here are some of them for you to benchmark against.

Start 4200kr
Doghouse 4kr – 151kr
Golden fish 5kr – 66kr
Pink elefant 5kr – 20kr
Merlin and the ice queen Morgana 4kr – 43,2kr
Danger high voltage 4kr – 123kr
Hand of Midas 5kr -216kr
Sword of khans 5kr – 1062kr
Drill the gold 5kr -84kr
Da Vinci treasure 5kr – 70kr
Extra chili 4kr -17,4kr

Stopped at: +1100kr
Result: 2900kr

Start 3000kr
Dog House 4kr – 749.80kr
Books and Bulls Bull 5kr – 367.50kr
Ramses Book 5kr – 42.50kr
Sword of khans 5kr – 460kr
Gates of Valhalla 5kr – 103kr
Golden glyph 2 5kr – 10kr
Jammin Jars 4kr – 59kr
Apollo pays 4kr – 229kr
Deadmans trail 5kr – 305kr

Result: 2421kr

Start 5000kr
Golden fish tank 4 symboler 5kr – 764kr
Bigger bass bonanza 4,80kr – 204kr
Hand of Midas 5kr – 599kr
Odins gamble 5kr – 312kr
High voltage 4 symboled 5kr – 285kr
Sword of khans 5kr – 145kr

Stopped at: +2099kr
Result: 4387kr

Start 4000kr
Wild Falls 4kr – 124kr
The hand of midas 5kr – 40,2kr
Juicy fruits 6kr – 68,4kr
Chicken drop 4kr – 196,4kr
Riders of the storm 5kr – 446,5kr
Book of gold multichance 4kr – 158kr
Bigger bass bonanza 4,8kr -235,2kr
Golden fish tank 5kr – 669,2kr
Wild blood 2 4kr – 160kr
Chaos crew 4kr – 340,6kr
Book of shadows 4kr – 92,8kr
Shield of athena 4kr – 68kr
Hammer of Vulcan 4kr – 184,8kr

Stopped at: +500kr
Result: 3131kr

Start 3000kr
Golden fish tank 5kr – 134kr
Fire toad 4kr – 64,4kr
Ramses revenge 5kr – 231kr
Book of gold double 3kr – 288kr

Stopped at: +1079kr
Result: 1825kr

Start 4500kr
The book and beyond 5kr – 255kr
Book of juno 5kr – 75kr
Books and bulls 5kr – 42,50kr
Dragon horn 5kr – 11kr
The hand of Midas 5kr – 2750kr
Joker king 5kr – 382kr
Sword of khans 5kr – 375kr
Sword of khans re 5kr – 190kr
Wild flower 5kr – 267kr
Riders of the storm 5kr – 144kr
Starlight princess 5kr – 80kr
Bigger bass bonanza 5kr – 139kr
Pink elephants 2 5kr – 419kr
Dog house 4kr – 33,80kr

Result: 5136kr

Start 3000kr
Dog house 4kr – 1180kr
Multifly 4kr – 90,80kr
Golden fishtank 5kr – 224kr
Gonzos gold 4kr – 234kr
Book of Sheba 4kr – 466kr

Stopped at: +700kr
Result: 2850kr

Start 3000kr
Dog House 4kr – 767kr
Casino Zeppelin reloaded 5kr – 161kr
Gates of Valhalla 4kr – 0,80kr
Golden Fish tank 2 6kr – 200kr 
Pink elephants 2 5kr – 1223kr
Gorilla Kingdom 4kr – 32kr
Hand of midas 5kr – 476kr
Danger 4kr – 240kr
Legacy of dead 5kr – 67kr
Pyramyth 5kr – 605kr

Result: 3729kr

Good luck with the bonus hunt and have fun!